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An increasingly clear trend is the key role LPG is already playing as a tool to help develop economies and alleviate poverty, especially in Asia. LPG plays a key role in the less developed world, and the latest figures highlight the depth of LPG penetration in a number of new markets.

The status of India, China, Japan and Indonesia among the largest consumers of LPG makes them crucial to the future of this alternative fuel and their impact on the global market and trade flows should not be underestimated. These countries along with other Asian countries underpin the growth in global LPG demand and countries such as Bangladesh have increased their demand 16-fold in recent years to 800,000 tonnes per annum and their demand continues to grow along with Vietnam, Myanmar and Sri Lanka.

The growth in world LPG production, as well as the greater degree of use and efficiency in the consumption processes, are causing cheap Autogas prices that these countries are taking advantage of to reduce their polluting emissions, and help their population with lower prices than those of traditional fuels.

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