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In Latin America, LPG production is led by Brazil and Argentina, despite this, Latin American countries are LPG importers. When the price of LPG paid by the final consumer is broken down into taxes, refinery prices and gross margin, it is clear that in all countries in the region the gross margin exceeds 30% of the final price, with Uruguay and Chile standing out at 60%.

Most of the alternative fuels that have struggled to compete with conventional fuels so far have been more expensive, but autogas is the exception. The cost of converting vehicles and fuel distribution infrastructure is generally lower than for other alternative fuels. And the fuel itself is very affordable: the price of LPG in Latin America at filling stations is usually lower than that of petrol or diesel.

Increasing demand for autogas is not expected to increase the price of LPG on the international market relative to gasoline in the coming years, given the abundance of supplies, even if demand for Autogas continues to rise.

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