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Experts from the Johann Kepler University of Linz, the University of Leoben and Bioenergy2020+ have calculated that Austria could cover up to 50% of its natural gas demand with domestic biogas alone, since it is produced in Margarethen, the production plant largest biogas company in Austria. The prerequisite for biogas expansion is a legal framework in the form of the Green Gas Law, which should be designed in a comparable way to the Green Electricity Law and give planning certainty to investors and operators.

Biomethane can be used as fuel for passenger cars and commercial vehicles with the same convenience as compressed natural gas. No technical adaptation is necessary for this. All natural gas vehicles can also run on biomethane or a mixture of biomethane and natural gas without any problem. CNG vehicles with specially developed engines are available in high quality and from numerous manufacturers.

Biomethane is the ideal fuel to get around with your car or commercial vehicles today in a way that respects the climate and without losing comfort. You can refuel your CNG vehicle at a biomethane or natural gas filling station. In Austria, there is a nationwide network of natural gas filling stations that is constantly being expanded. The use of biomethane increases the subsidy for the purchase of vehicles for companies and public institutions.

The use of biomethane could also stabilize CNG prices, avoiding the ups and downs that occur in the price of natural gas due to variations in the international natural gas market and that can lead to moments of high prices.

Being a reality that the prices of compressed natural gas have traditionally been cheaper than traditional fuels, the influence of the political situation of the country can influence future prices

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