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The use of CNG in the passenger transport sector began in the mid-1990s in France with buses and, later, with refuse collection vehicles. Local authorities gradually adopted low-emission CNG fuel for public bus fleets, and then for refuse collection vehicles.

More recently, the freight transport sector has switched to CNG to reduce its polluting emissions. Most large department stores are committed to CSR and use CNG vehicles.

All cities with more than 200,000 inhabitants (except one) have CNG buses or refuse collection vehicles.

One in four buses and one in five refuse trucks sold in France run on CNG. In addition to the drastic reduction in local pollution, the use of NGVs halves vehicle noise and enables Certibruit deliveries to be certified, and helps improve drivers' working conditions thanks to quieter and odorless vehicles.

The choice of natural gas vehicles, which also concerns courier services and construction and public works, enables deliveries to be made in all city centers. The market share of CNG trucks has quadrupled in three years.

Regulations now oblige local authorities to renew part of their fleet with so-called low-emission vehicles. The definition of low-emission vehicles depends on the area: electric, hydrogen and CNG vehicles are considered low-emission throughout France.

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ENDESA43 Rue Jan Huss42000SAINT ETIENNE2,39
ENDESARoute de Fief Cordelier94380BONNEUIL SUR MARNE2,39
ENDESAChemin de la Croix Brisee, ZAC du Haut de Wissous II91320WISSOUS2,40
ENDESARue de la Charmotte25420VOUJEAUCOURT2,38
ENDESA35 Avenue Paul Dupleix56000VANNES2,44
ENDESA1 Rue Jean Baptiste Dumaire57200SARREGUEMINES2,43
ENDESAZA La Carrere - Route de la Cantere40990SANT VINCENT DE PAUL2,44
ENDESARue de la Croix Saint Jacques77130MAROLLES SUR SEINE2,39
GAZ UP870 rue des Mousquetaires40260CASTETS2,496
GAZ UPAvenue Leo Lagrange33210LANGON2,496
GAZ UPAvenue des 3 cardinaux Sortie 4 autoroute A63033300BORDEAUX2,496
GAZ UP259 avenue des Etats-Unis Parc d\'activités de Fondeyre31000TOULOUSE2,496
GAZ UPRue Barthelemy Thimonier12510OLEMPS2,496
GAZ UPAvenue Marcel Paul86440MIGNE-AUXANCES2,496
GAZ UPEspace Industriel les Muriers71160DIGOIN2,496
GAZ UPChemin des Battées89200MAGNY2,496
GAZ UPRue de la Plaine des Isles89000AUXERRE2,496
GAZ UPRue du Bois de l'Ecu91830LE COUDRAY MONTCEAU2,496
GAZ UP178 rue du Poirier14650ROTS2,496
GAZ UPRue Georges Charpak Zone des Autoroutes2100SAINT-QUENTIN2,496

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