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The use of CNG in the passenger transport sector started in the mid-1990s in France with buses and later with refuse collection vehicles. Local authorities gradually adopted CNG, a low-emission fuel, for public bus fleets and later for waste collection vehicles.

More recently, the freight transport sector has turned to CNG to reduce its polluting emissions. Most large supermarkets are committed to CSR and use CNG vehicles.

Regulations now require local authorities to renew part of their fleet with so-called low emission vehicles and CNG vehicles are considered low emission vehicles throughout France.

One in four buses and one in five dustbins sold in France run on CNG. In addition to the drastic reduction in local pollution, the use of NGVs halves the noise of vehicles and allows Certibruit certification of deliveries, and contributes to improving the working conditions of drivers thanks to quieter and odourless vehicles.

The choice of natural gas vehicles, which also concerns courier and construction services, allows deliveries to be made in all city centres. The market share of CNG trucks has quadrupled in three years.

The price of Compressed Natural Gas is traditionally kept below the price of traditional fuels in France, which represents, in addition to the ecological benefit, an economic benefit

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