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Pacific Island Countries and Territories (PICTs), which make up the vast majority of mainland Oceania states, face particular energy supply challenges due to their small and remote island geographies, limited natural resources and long distances from major markets. Most PICTS rely heavily on imported petroleum products to meet their needs. This dependence means that they are heavily affected by volatile oil prices. In addition, these countries are among the most vulnerable in terms of climate change and natural disasters.

Historically, there have been limited options to displace liquid petroleum fuels such as paraffin, gasoline and diesel. However, recent market developments have changed this situation. Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) increasingly offers cost-effective, low-emission interim solutions in the transition from liquid petroleum fuels to renewable energy.

All PICTS already use LPG, mainly for cooking in the home, and there are significant opportunities for expansion in the automotive sector. The argument for making this switch is for health reasons, environmental sustainability and for cost savings for the driver. The increase in volume could lead to some PICTs becoming large consumers which could have a significant impact on the delivered price. Incorporating LPG use in transport would mean an improvement in the price of LPG in every other sector.

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12 de Mayo de 2022. Propane marketers – and the farmers they serve – must be prepared for virtually any weather condition, from lower-than-normal temperatures that necessitate heating for livestock, to rain events that delay crop planting, to dry spells that lead to upturns in irrigation gallons. Frequently, prolonged power outages occurred during or immediately following those severe weather events. Severe weather-related problems have driven much of the increase in prolonged outages

Propane marketers across the country have stepped up efforts to communicate with ag customers and provide the energy necessary to keep farms operational amid unpredictable weather conditions. As the need for clean, reliable energy on the farm increases alongside severe weather events, propane-powered equipment can offer customers immediate solutions that meet operational and environmental goals.

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