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Natural gas prices at service stations have been subject to regular checks for years in Switzerland. It has turned out that compressed natural gas rates can be very different depending on the supply zone.

In order to create transparency and an overview of the CNG prices charged by companies to drivers, CNG distributors' tariffs in Switzerland were systematically surveyed for the first time in 2011 by the Swiss Government.

Since 2011, the Price Supervisor has published studies on the Swiss Natural Gas market for the automotive industry, and in 2013 the price control department opened an investigation into the rates for which, after lengthy negotiations, a friendly agreement was finally reached between the Natural Gas distributors and the price supervisor, which resulted in a reduction in the price of the tariffs.

The gas industry is in an exceptional situation due to the enormous increase in acquisition costs. Companies that have to listen to the price monitor before a price increase must be able to implement a price increase quickly and without too much effort. To do this, Price Watch has developed a self-declaration that greatly simplifies both companies and Price Watch.

Therefore, the price supervisor has implemented an application based on this model. If the National Council, as the second chamber of parliament, also comes to the conclusion that Switzerland should have a CNG price information center, the Federal Council will be commissioned by Parliament to create the bases for the creation of a Free access internet platform to allow access to CNG prices for vehicles in Switzerland.

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August 21, 2022.

There are about 150 gas stations in Switzerland. The inscription "CNG" is usually found on the pumps. This stands for "Compressed Natural Gas," which means "compressed natural gas." According to the CNG-Mobility association, in 2020 there were around 14,000 gas vehicles in Switzerland and around 188 million worldwide.

Not all the gas that is filled into tanks in Switzerland, or rather pressed, originates from a distant fossil gas storage facility. Meanwhile, an average of around 20 percent of the biogas flows into the tank. It is obtained from kitchen waste and green waste or sewage sludge. The gas drive is economical and environmentally friendly, says Christian Bach, head of the department for Drive Systems and Vehicles at the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing.

The emissions comparison shows that the environmental balance of an electric vehicle is only better than that of a gasoline vehicle after having traveled 66,000 kilometres.

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