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Three entities (natural gas suppliers, car manufacturers and the State) have agreed to support the development of CNG in Slovakia and have signed the so-called National Clean Mobility Plan which includes a road tax bonus for CNG vehicles and the commitment to build at least 100 CNG refueling stations.

Thus SPP, the largest energy company in Slovakia, executes the fueLCNG project, supported by a financial grant from the European Union within the framework of the "Connecting Europe" Mechanism call for an amount of almost 15.7 million euros . The execution of the fueLCNG project will add 14 new CNG service stations for passenger transport and 3 new CNG service stations for passenger transport to the highways.

One of the most current trends and orientations in the field of transport and mobility in Europe is the growing interest in the trend to use CNG The mixture of biomethane with natural gas, or the complete replacement of natural gas by biomethane, is another way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Likewise, the use of BioCNG in Slovakia may have the virtue of stabilizing the price of CNG in Slovakia by not depending on importing natural gas from other countries but rather being a local production.

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Price list by Service Station in Slovakia

Banská Bystrica Banská Bystrica Region 1,599
Banská Bystrica Banská Bystrica Region 1,599
Bratislava-Ružinov Bratislava Region 1,599
Dunajská Streda Trnava Region 1,599
Holice Trnava Region 1,599
Holice Trnava Region 1,599
Komárno Nitra Region 1,599
Košice Košice Region 1,599
Levice Nitra Region 1,726
Liptovský Mikuláš Žilina Region 1,599
Martin Žilina Region 1,599
Michalovce Košice Region 1,599
Nitra Nitra Region 1,599
Nové Mesto Trenčín Region 1,599
Nové Mesto nad Váhom Trenčín Region 1,599
Pohranice Nitra Region 1,599
Pohranice Nitra Region 1,599
Trnava Trnava Region 1,599
Žilina Žilina Region 1,599
Zvolen Banská Bystrica Region 1,7

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