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In Finland, the price of CNG is marked, above all, by the price of BioCNG produced in farms and wastewater treatment plants. Finland is one of the countries in the world where the production of biogas from waste is most widespread, with the independence that this confers on the supply of natural gas in the country that is transferred at very competitive and stable prices.

Biogas technology makes it possible to take advantage of the natural ability of bacteria to produce methane from organic matter. In the biogas plant, the natural process is carried out in a controlled way to recover the methane and use it as a renewable fuel. Biogas plants already have a long history in the world. The technique has been known for several hundred years and in Finland, the first biogas production experiments were carried out at the beginning of the 20th century.

In Finland, biogas is currently produced in biogas plants from urban and industrial wastewater treatment plants, co-treatment plants of various sizes and biogas plants on farms. In addition, biogas is collected from landfills in biogas pumping stations.

The price of CNG in Finland is stable due to the production of BioCNG and its consumption is widespread throughout the country, being economical compared to traditional fuels.

Average CNG Price in Finland in

The Average Price of CNG in Finland in is



The Average Price of BioCNG in Finland in is



Price History of Average CNG Prices in Finland

Price list by Service Station in Finland

Gasum BioCNG StationHelsinki2,221,8
Gasum BioCNG StationTampere2,151,75
Gasum BioL-CNG StationTurku2,151,75
Gasum BioCNG StationOulu2,151,75
Gasum BioL-CNG StationJyväskylä2,151,75
Gasum BioL-CNG StationLahti2,151,75
Gasum BioL-CNG Station Kuopio2,151,75
Gasum BioCNG StationPori2,221,8
Wegas CNG StationJoensuu 1,75
BIG BioCNG StationVaasa 1,75
Gasum L-CNG StationLappeenranta2,151,75
Gasum BioL-CNG StationSeinäjoki2,151,75
Gasum BioCNG StationHämeenlinna2,221,8
Gasum BioCNG StationPorvoo2,151,75
Gasum BioCNG StationKotka2,221,8
Gasum BioCNG StationKouvola2,151,75
Nivos BioCNG StationHyvinkää  
Gasum BioCNG StationLohja2,221,8
Gasum BioCNG StationRiihimäki2,151,75
Jeppo BioCNG StationIsokyrö NA
Lempäälän Lämpö BioCNG StationLempäälä NA
Mustankorkea BioCNG StationJyväskylä 1,7
Jeppo BioCNG StationPietarsaari NA
BIG BioCNG StationTaavetti 1,68

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