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Today, in Sweden, biogas is mainly produced in wastewater treatment plants and modern co-digestion plants. The gas produced is purified for retail sale as automotive fuel, in the form of biomethane. The gas can also be used as a fuel in gas engines that generate heat and electricity, which does not require as much cleaning or upgrading.

There are many factors that affect the price of biogas in Sweden used as automotive fuel. One factor that has become increasingly important in recent years is the competition for biogas feedstock. In some areas of Sweden, manure, biodegradable industrial waste and energy crops, among others, are becoming scarcer, which can increase the cost of raw materials. This in turn affects the cost of gas production and the overall economy of the installation. Other important factors that affect the cost of the fuel produced are the land available for the use of digestate (biofertilizer) and the logistics of fuel distribution.

Automotive gas is Sweden's highest revenue-generating biogas sales channel, and demand for vehicular gas surpassed Swedish biogas production a few years ago. To meet the demand, approximately 40% of the vehicular gas currently sold is natural gas, and to meet the demand, biogas has also been imported, both through the natural gas network and by tanker trucks (liquefied or liquid biogas). , LBG).

As long as the demand for vehicular gas exceeds the production of biogas, there will be a need for natural gas, also in Sweden. The high Swedish share of almost 60% of renewable vehicular gas is, however, the exception in the world and favors the existence of a very competitive biogas price in Sweden.

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OG CLEAN FUELSGothenburg27,99
OG CLEAN FUELSHelsingborg28,64
OG CLEAN FUELSJönköping28,64

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January 31, 2022

346 kilometers with a single tank of fuel and emissions of 195 kilos of CO2. Good driving on biogas benefits both the environment and the economy, Iveco has reported on its "S-Way" model, which recently undertook a Nordic biogas tour to test how far a fully loaded biogas vehicle can drive. . The answer is clear: eco-driving reduces fuel costs at a time of skyrocketing prices.

Experienced test driver Jørgen Andreassen drove an Iveco S-Way with biogas in the tank from Copenhagen to Trondheim (Norway) and via Haparanda (Sweden) to Helsinki and back to Denmark via Stockholm. A total distance of 346 miles over very varied terrain and covered in 5 days.

The aim was to test in practice to what extent the environmental impact could be reduced by so-called eco-frequent driving and to show that it is easy to drive in the Nordic countries even when refueling with liquid biogas instead of diesel, says Jørgen Andreassen.

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