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Carbon dioxide emissions, energy dependency and oil depletion are global problems that are driving all affected sectors to find immediate solutions. The transport sector in Hungary is responsible for a quarter of carbon dioxide emissions, and the dependence on oil in this sector is the biggest contributor to global emissions. A special challenge for the transport sector in Hungary is to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, energy and oil dependency, while meeting the increasing mobility needs. The use of alternative fuels could be a realistic alternative to mitigate the global problems of the transport sector. Experts agree that, in the medium term, natural gas is a viable technology.

There are several obstacles to the adoption of CNG cars in Hungary, the most significant being the lack of gas station infrastructure and unfavorable economic and legal conditions. Both economic and environmental considerations are involved in the decision to purchase CNG vehicles. However, currently when users decide to purchase a natural gas vehicle, the most favorable economic conditions play the main role in their decision. Environmental benefits currently play a role when perceived as an economic advantage for buyers

The biggest impact on the amortization period of a CNG vehicle is the evolution of fuel prices and changes in one-time costs.

Determining the CNG price, or more exactly, ensuring a fixed CNG price, can be of fundamental strategic importance for CNG vehicles and the Hungarian Government is doing its best to make the CNG price in Hungary stable.

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Price list by Service Station in Hungary

Eco-Smart Kft.Göd PestNA
MVM MobilitiBudapest XBudapest789
MVM MobilitiBudapest XIBudapest789
MVM MobilitiBudapest XIVBudapest789
MVM MobilitiKaposvárSomogy749
CNGSzékesfehérvárFejér 940
SHELLBudapest XXIIIBudapestNA

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October 21, 2022

The price of gas skyrockets and CNG buses stop running in several Hungarian cities

A few days ago, the Miskolc City Council decided to stop most of its CNG buses due to the continuous increase in energy and fuel prices. The reason is that in the last two years the price of compressed natural gas has almost quadrupled (from HUF 265/kg to HUF 900/kg today). Another problem is that CNG, unlike diesel, does not offer excise tax refunds to transport companies. In addition, a kilogram of CNG is equivalent to only 0.6-0.7 liters.

Added to this is the fact that this environmentally friendly fuel is not subsidized by the Hungarian state. Altogether, the Miskolc transmission company expects to incur additional costs of HUF 1.7 billion due to the drastic increase in energy carriers.

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