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The projected increase of around 100% in the supply of natural gas in the Brazilian market in the coming years may allow several industrial investments in the transport of natural gas in the country, in addition to motivating the expansion of transport infrastructure and distribution to new areas not yet reached by gas pipelines, thus facilitating the use of Compressed Natural Gas in the transport and road mobility sector.

Regarding transportation, the Brazilian government is studying the different technologies currently available and their corresponding costs and benefits. The technologies available for the use of natural gas in the transport of goods and people are accessible and can easily replace traditional fuels. However, these technologies require an initial investment in infrastructure, which is the first obstacle to their generalization in a country the size of Brazil.

Vehicular Natural Gas (VNG) is increasingly important for Brazil in the current context, where there is concern about the volatility of fuel prices. This consumer concern was viewed by some state governments (such as the State of Rio de Janeiro) as a lawsuit. With the help of these government entities, CNG begins to grow rapidly and stand out in the automotive fuel market.

In a fuel market in which major transformations are taking place, such as the liberalization of prices and the entry of multi-fuel vehicles, it is difficult to make forecasts about future demand. However, based on the incentive policies practiced by some state and municipal governments, a constant growth of CNG sales can be foreseen, as well as the number of vehicle conversions, based on a cheap CNG price compared to the rest. of fuel alternatives

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