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The Price of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is a free price, therefore variable and dependent on the Service Station where it is refueled.

In Spain it is possible to refuel Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) in large cities without major problems, and there is also a network of supply stations on motorways and the range of vehicles in which Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) can be used continues to grow, with several of the brands present on the market currently on offer, which favors the growth that is being caused, reaching 25,000 CNG vehicles on Spanish roads.

It is also possible to install compressors or filling equipment in our own facilities

Fuel prices in Spain are easily verifiable on the Portal of the Ministry of Industry.

In Spain you can refuel Compressed Natural Gas in a wide network of service stations open to the public

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April 12, 2019.

The average price of CNG in Spain is 48% lower than that of gasoline. gasoline and 31% less than diesel, which makes it an economical fuel for transport.

Although CNGs are, on average, more expensive to buy than conventional fuel vehicle, the initial cost is offset by the lower price of CNG.

In Belgium and the Czech Republic, there is the greatest difference in the price of CNG with the gasoline and diesel, respectively (65% and 55%), while the lowest CNG price difference for both fuels is found in Sweden (16% and 0%).

The price of CNG differs across the EU due to the variable price of industrial CNG, VAT and special taxes. Three different examples (Bulgaria, Belgium and Sweden) were chosen to demonstrate this variability and are shown in the graph above. The lowest average price of CNG can be found in Bulgaria at €0.57/kg. The reason is that the industrial price of CNG is among the lowest in the EU, at €0.44/kg, compared to €0.67/kg in Belgium or €0.96/kg in Sweden.

In Belgium, there is no excise duty for CNG, which means drivers save €0.12 on average, compared to other countries. In Sweden, despite the fact that the price of CNG is the highest in the EU, the market share of CNG it is still above the EU average, demonstrating the viability of natural gas as a fuel.

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