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Air quality in urban areas is a growing challenge in Slovenia. Air pollution can be significantly reduced by making public passenger transport greener. In the municipality of Ljubljana SE decided in 2011 to introduce a fleet of compressed natural gas buses with the help of the Slovenian Public Fund for the Environment, which offers subsidies for the purchase of public passenger transport vehicles powered by natural gas.

The existing road freight traffic causes high emissions of particulate matter, nitrogen oxides (NOx) and greenhouse gases and therefore contributes greatly to air pollution. The solution that the Government of Slovenia has decided to take is CNG. Its use in freight transport provides significantly lower fuel costs (compared to petrol or diesel) and has a significant impact on the maintenance costs of vans and trucks. Diesel engines can also be converted to use CNG, which gives rise to so-called bivalent engines, which can use two fuels, that is, diesel in addition to CNG.

In recent times, biogas has gained increasing importance in the field of alternative energy sources in Slovenia. Currently, most of it is produced in Slovenia in cogeneration units (co-production of electricity and heat) on family farms, landfills, waste treatment plants since biogas can be produced by practically all organic materials containing a carbon/carbon ratio. satisfactory nitrogen.

Likewise, the use of BioCNG in Slovenia may have the virtue of stabilizing the price of CNG in Slovenia by not depending on importing natural gas from other countries but rather being a local production.

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Price list by Service Station in Slovenia

LjubljanaZgornja in Spodnja Karniola1,29
LjubljanaZgornja in Spodnja Karniola1,29
LjubljanaZgornja in Spodnja Karniola1,29
Ravne na KoroškemKoroškaN/A
LogatecNotranja KarniolaN/A
PostojnaNotranja KarniolaN/A
VrhnikaNotranja KarniolaN/A
Novo MestoSpodnja KarniolaN/A
KočevjeSpodnja KarniolaN/A
GrosupljeSpodnja KarniolaN/A
Murska SobotaPrekmurjeN/A
Nova GoricaSlovensko primorjeN/A
IzolaSlovensko primorjeN/A
KoperSlovensko primorjeN/A
Slovenska BistricaŠtajerskaN/A
Slovenj GradecŠtajerskaN/A
KamnikZgornja KarniolaN/A
JeseniceZgornja KarniolaN/A
DomžaleZgornja KarniolaN/A
Škofja LokaZgornja KarniolaN/A
MengešZgornja KarniolaN/A
KranjZgornja KarniolaN/A

News about CNG prices in Slovenia

February 22, 2022

On February 5, Energetika Ljubljana increased the price of compressed natural gas (CNG) from €0.85 per kilogram to €1.4, representing an increase of 61%.

The 61% increase in the price of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is due to price disturbances in the natural gas market, Energetika explained.

The reader adds that many Ljubljana passenger buses, Snaga trucks, etc. they also use CNG. We've probably all seen vehicles with "I run on methane" signs, he says. Of course, this price increase will discourage many buyers from purchasing a CNG-powered vehicle. Although as a society we should encourage it, says one reader, who adds: "Research shows that methane vehicles are, in general, more respectful with the environment than electric ones." In fact, many people have chosen to buy a methane car precisely because of the greener technology and support for development, despite the obviously higher purchase price of the vehicle.

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