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The entire natural gas distribution and sale sector in Italy, and with it its users (1 million vehicles), views with fear the increase in the reference price of gas which has now multiplied by five compared to the same period last year. The well-known price escalation is calling into question a reference sector in Italy

In Italy there are more than 1,500 CNG service stations, more than 1 million natural gas vehicles on the roads, of which approximately 2,000 CNG trucks and 5,000 buses. Distribution infrastructures already supply 30% biomethane and there are more and more distributors that supply 100% biomethane. Biomethane production could easily cover 25% of the total consumption of all fuels for national road transport.

In order to mitigate the adverse effects of gas price increases, a 20% tax credit has been proposed for purchases of natural gas for road transport. The increase in the price of gas has seriously affected transport companies that, for economic, commercial and environmental reasons, have chosen natural gas as a solution to "green" their fleet of heavy vehicles.

It is expected that the price of CNG in Italy will stabilize with the gradual sale of BioCNG at service stations in Italy, which would make the country independent from imports, making the price of methane for automobiles cheaper

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The Average Price of CNG in Italy in is



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VEGA ROMEAVeneziaVeneto1,189
CEM CARBURANTIPratoToscana1,269
ENIReggio CalabriaCalabria1,299
EGOReggio EmiliaEmilia-Romagna1,299

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January 31, 2022

CNG for cars at half price: a unique distributor in Italy

High utility bills and fuel prices have affected everyone, but there is one category, that of motorists with vehicles that use natural gas as fuel, which has seen an exponential increase. The natural gas to fill the tank of the car has suffered the crazy fluctuations dictated by the international context. After having exceeded 3 euros per kg, it fluctuated between 2.20 and 2.40 euros to settle above 2 euros per kg.

All true, but there is only one place in Italy that allows you to consume methane for cars at half the price. How is the discount explained? Thanks to the source, which is not fossil. Not the deposits from which it is extracted and transported by gas pipelines, but a gas derived from the transformation of agricultural residues. In fact, thanks to a biodigester and an improvement plant, there is a farm that produces automotive methane, which has been sold since February 2022 at the pump for 1.39 euros per kg and in a totally identical way to that of fossil origin.

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