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Unfortunately, there are very few methane supply stations in Serbia. Although CNG is the best fuel from the ecological and economic point of view, in Serbia, due to the bad economic situation, the number of methane pumps does not change, and currently only new ones are planned to be built. That plan, according to unofficial information, was carried out by Kryo Gas, but it has not budged from the impasse for several years.

In recent years, the topic of driving on methane has become more and more common, as this fuel provides by far the cheapest kilometer driven. However, not everything is so simple, and not everyone has a chance to switch to methane. Methane is called CNG (compressed natural gas). The biggest difference between methane and classic car gas is hidden in these labels. Bottled CNG is only at high pressure, but still in a gaseous state. This is also the reason why the methane price is expressed in kilograms and not in liters, because a liter of tank does not always contain the same amount of gas, but that amount depends on the pressure.

An average car consumes between five and six kilograms of methane every hundred kilometers. On the open road, consumption can drop to about four kilograms, but in urban traffic it can easily approach eight kilograms. With this, it is easy to arrive at a rough calculation that one hundred kilometers traveled with methane costs just under 500 dinars.

The price of CNG in Serbia is also cheap compared to other traditional fuels, so in Serbia there are all the conditions for the use of natural gas as fuel to become widespread.

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November 1, 2022

Twice cheaper than gasoline! Do you remember these types of headlines from a few years ago? We investigated if it is worth driving with methane today, it is a fuel that offers very economical driving, but three things "suffocate" it: few places to refuel, expensive installation and expensive and heavy tanks. However, the situation improves year after year.

Now, after more than 1 year of driving on methane through Serbia, I can conclude that driving a car on methane is worth it. During this time and the 15,000 km driven, the savings are great and buying a methane car was profitable. The current price of methane, at the pump where I buy methane, is 93 dinars. In the calculation below, I put the price of methane at 97 dinars, gasoline at 135 dinars, and diesel at 145 dinars because I'm counting back to May 2019 when prices were much higher, but that's like an average.

You see, in just over a year and more than 15,000 km, the savings driving on methane compared to diesel is more than 310 euros, and compared to gasoline, more than 420 euros! Fuel prices are lower this year due to the pandemic, so methane costs 93 dinars in BG (at least where I buy it all the time)

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