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Ireland has committed to moving to a low carbon economy by 2050 and the transport sector has an important role to play. In Ireland, transport is almost entirely dependent on imported oil. Reducing this dependency and shifting to alternative fuels and technologies to decarbonise the sector will require significant changes to our conventional fuel options. This National Policy Framework on Alternative Fuels Infrastructure for Transport represents the first step in communicating the Government of Ireland's long-term national vision for the decarbonisation of transport by 2050. The cornerstone is Ireland's ambition that, by 2030, all new cars and vans sold in Ireland will be zero emission.

The proximity of our major urban centers, relative to other European countries, will enable Ireland to achieve the coverage required by the Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Directive quickly and efficiently. An initial minimal network of quickly installed CNG stations is essential for the development of a "network effect" for potential CNG vehicle operators. A CNG truck, bus or van must refuel in a time similar to that of a diesel or gasoline vehicle using a network of high-capacity rapid stations accessible in public places.

Natural gas consumption in Ireland has grown rapidly over the last three decades and today accounts for almost a quarter of the country's energy supply. Driven mainly by the industrialization of Ireland, the demand for gas has grown faster than that for oil and its use will increase further in the coming years, especially due to the introduction of CNG in Irish mobility.

The price of CNG in Ireland, like natural gas used for other purposes, is relatively stable in the long term, so it is easy to establish cost forecasts for fleets that use CNG

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Price list by Service Station in Ireland

Cork Cork401
Galway Galway401
Waterford Waterford &  Kilkenny401
Drogheda Louth &  Meath401
Swords[a] Dublin401
Dundalk Louth401
Bray Wicklow &  Dublin401
Navan Meath401
Kilkenny[b] Kilkenny401
Ennis Clare401
Carlow Carlow &  Laois401
Tralee Kerry401
Newbridge Kildare401
Portlaoise Laois401
Balbriggan Dublin401
Naas Kildare401
Athlone Westmeath &  Roscommon401
Mullingar Westmeath401

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September 12, 2022

Irish hauliers say industry at risk of grinding to a halt. Driver shortages are on the rise and fuel prices are stifling the haulage sector at a moment of profound change when investment is needed to decarbonise the Irish fleet. Why would anybody enter this industry today?

One of the biggest crises facing the industry is the need to decarbonise to meet its climate targets. Ireland has committed to reducing its climate emissions by 51% by 2030, which includes a 50% reduction in the transport sector.

“[It will be] a long time before even 10% of the fleet is electric,” said Joe Crann, managing director of Westward Scania, one of the leading importers of trucks into Ireland as part of the Swedish Scania Group. His company, which has more than 9,000 trucks on Irish roads, offers CNG gas trucks and recently launched a battery electric truck – at about twice the price of a diesel truck – but he says that “diesel is still the only show in town”.

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