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Natural gas vehicles are an important part of national policy in Japan and this is demonstrated by the measures and actions to achieve the new goals for the year 2030, by which time Japan intends to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 46% in comparison with the year 2013.

Japan is trying to push its number of CNG fueled vehicles to one million units, although in Japan, the number of CNG stations is limited. That is why the purpose of the government and the private sector is to establish more stations to supply fuel to CNG vehicles in order to encourage citizens to use this clean fuel. Japan's Environment Department will do its best to use CNG as a gas replacement to reduce pollutants resulting from gas combustion.

The natural gas vehicle market has been expanding steadily in Japan and abroad in recent years. Thousands of natural gas vehicles are used in Japan, mostly in urban areas, such as cargo vans, local buses, trucks, and commercial vehicles. CNG vehicles have been promoted as a more environmentally friendly automobile option in Japan and have been designated as one of the types of vehicles to be promoted as part of the Ministry's Low-Pollution Vehicle Promotion and Development Action Plan. from the Ministry of the Environment of Japan.

For all these reasons, subsidies and aid are constant, so the price of CNG in Japan is very cheap compared to other road mobility alternatives, which makes its future important for the country.

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