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Finland plans to expand its hydrogen infrastructure in the coming years. According to the European Alternative Fuels Observatory (EAFO) website, as of September 2021 there were three operational hydrogen refueling stations in Finland. They were located in Helsinki, Pori and Rovaniemi. Also, there were plans to open a new station in Oulu in the near future.

Finland has set itself the goal of reaching carbon neutrality by 2035, and hydrogen is expected to play a key role in achieving this goal. The Finnish government has earmarked funds for hydrogen infrastructure development, and there are plans to build more refueling stations across the country in the coming years.

According to the European Alternative Fuels Observatory (EAFO), the average price of hydrogen at Finnish pumps was around €9.00-10.00 per kilogram in September 2021. This is significantly higher than gasoline or diesel, which was around 1.50-1.60 euros per liter on the same date.

Average Price of Hydrogen in Finland in

Average Price of Hydrogen in Finland in is



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Price list by Service Station in Finland

Turku and PoriTurun ja PorinTurku-,--
Nyland and TavastehusUudenmaan ja HämeenHelsinki / Hämeenlinna-,--
OstrobothniaPohjanmaanOulu / Vaasa-,--
Viborg and NyslottViipurin ja SavonlinnanVyborg-,--
Kymmenegård and NyslottSavonlinnan ja KymenkartanonLappeenranta-,--
Savolax and KymmenegårdKymenkartanon ja SavonLoviisa-,--
Savolax and KareliaSavon ja KarjalanKuopio-,--
Central FinlandKeski-SuomenJyväskylä-,--
North KareliaPohjois-KarjalanJoensuu-,--
Southern FinlandEtelä-SuomenHämeenlinna-,--
Western FinlandLänsi-SuomenTurku-,--
Eastern FinlandItä-SuomenMikkeli-,--

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January 20, 2023.

Construction begins on Finland's first green hydrogen plant

Construction of Finland's first industrial-scale green hydrogen production plant began on Friday, its future operator, P2X Solutions, announced. So-called green hydrogen is produced using renewable energy to split water by electrolysis, and is seen as a key energy source that can help Europe end its dependence on Russian energy and reduce carbon emissions.

P2X Solutions, a private Finnish company, said last year it would invest about 70 million euros ($76 million) in the 20-megawatt synthetic methane and hydrogen production plant in Harjavalta, southwestern Finland. "Once completed in 2024, the P2X Solutions plant will open up the Finnish green hydrogen market," company president Esa Harmala said in a statement.

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