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Hydrogen prices in Austria vary depending on the method of production and distribution. Hydrogen produced using renewable energy sources, such as water electrolysis, tends to be more expensive than hydrogen produced from natural gas, which is a fossil fuel.

In 2021 the price of hydrogen produced from renewable energy sources was around 9-11 euros per kilogram, while that produced from natural gas was around 1-2 euros per kilogram.

However, keep in mind that hydrogen prices can be volatile and subject to change based on various factors including supply and demand, production costs, and government policies. It is recommended to consult the current market prices for updated information.

Average Price of Hydrogen in Austria in

Average Price of Hydrogen in Austria in is



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Price list by Service Station in Austria

Andechsstraße 83InnsbruckTirol23,99
An der Bundesstraße 11AstenOberösterreich23,99
Ostbahnstraße 10GrazSteiermark23,99
IZ NÖ Süd Straße 4 Objekt 9Wiener NeudorfWien23,99
Shuttleworthstraße 10WienWien23,99

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May 4, 2022.

Hydrogen at any price?

A specter is running through the media: we must develop "hydrogen technology", then our problems with the storage of volatile "green" solar and wind energy will be solved, while, as is well known, currently the storage of Electricity is only possible in a very insufficient way in high mountain water tanks and lithium batteries. In hydrogen gas we store the excess energy that accumulates when the wind blows too much or the sun shines too bright between the dreaded "dark calms". Electrolytic splitting of normal water then produces oxygen and the desired hydrogen.

Of course, we only want "green" hydrogen so as not to further endanger the world's climate, according to the official line. That is, not "grey" hydrogen produced from natural gas, because that produces a lot of CO2, so it is not better - in fact it is worse - than direct electricity generation, that is, heating natural gas in turbines gas, as is currently done, for example, at the Simmering power station in Vienna. So we want "green" hydrogen, which is produced by splitting water with "green" electricity, that is, electricity coming mainly from wind and sun, and possibly hydroelectric power.

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