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Hydrogen Stations in norway in

Hydrogen Stations in norway in

Hydrogen for transport has been on Norway's agenda for some time. The first step was taken when The Bellona Foundation imported a converted Mercedes Sprinter from the German WEIT project in 2002 and performed the first hydrogen filling in Norway and, a year later, started Norway's first hydrogen filling structure. Existing Norwegian rules and regulations had to be adapted to accommodate hydrogen vehicles. to accommodate hydrogen vehicles and related technologies, and the project was an important first step in initiating this.

Norway's first hydrogen station opened in 2006 near Stavanger, the second in Porsgrunn in 2007, and two stations opened in Oslo and Lier in 2009. Hydrogen stations were also planned for Bergen and Lyngdal, but these projects were never carried out.

A plan to roll out H2 stations in southern Norway has recently been unveiled, with the ambition to have up to 15 zero-emission freight and passenger fueling points in operation by the end of 2023. The plan is part of the Scandinavian green hydrogen refueling strategy for trucks, buses and cars connecting major traffic corridors in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. It will initially cover Norway south of Trondheim and connect to H2 stations in Sweden and Denmark.

Norway has a strong process industry and several companies engaged in hydrogen production. Hydrogen is an intermittent product in fertilizer production, and the fertilizer company Yara has produced hydrogen with both electrolyzers and steam methane reforming (SMR) in Herøya (Porsgrunn). at Herøya (Porsgrunn, south of Oslo). Hydrogen is also a by-product in the production of chlorine-related products. in the production of chlorine-related products, where Norsk Hydro operates in Rafnes (Porsgrunn). Finally, Statoil Statoil's hydrogen production as part of its methanol production in Tjeldbergodden (Norway) and at its Mongstad refinery in Mongstad (Norway). and at its Mongstad refinery near Bergen.

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ASKO Midt-Norge ASØstre Rosten 1047075 Tiller
Hynion AsSandviksveien 171363 Høvik
Hynion HydrogenstasjonHydrovegen 673936 Porsgrunn
Akershus EnergiParkRolf Olsens Vei 502007 Kjeller
Uno-X HvamTrondheimsveien 402013 Skjetten

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September 21, 2021. The first hydrogen fuel cell cabs from Danish cab company Viggo are in operation in the Norwegian capital, Oslo. All three vehicles are Toyota Mirai.

By next summer, the company wants to put a total of 100 battery and hydrogen cabs into operation, without giving an exact breakdown. Viggo has an agreement with Hynion for refueling the fuel cell vehicles.

The Toyota Mirai has a range of 650 kilometers and a tank that fills up in 3-5 minutes: "Hydrogen is very suitable for cabs that want to travel long distances and be on the move as long as possible. With hydrogen, you can fill up in just a few minutes and drive many hundreds of kilometers before the next fill-up. This means environmentally friendly driving and you don't have to spend a lot of time refueling," says Joar Tennfjord, CEO of Viggo. By 2024, all cabs in Oslo are to be emission-free. To achieve this goal, fuel cell cars will also play a role.

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