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In all probability, hydrogen will play a prominent role within the Recovery Plan projects dedicated to the Italian energy sector, but hydrogen has been emerging for several years as one of the most interesting alternatives in terms of energy transition in Italy refers.

The first point in favor of hydrogen could be its distribution model in Italy, which already exists: the country's capillary gas transportation network. In fact, hydrogen could easily be transported through the gas pipelines that cross Italy from north to south.

A potential hydrogen penetration of 23% in final consumption is estimated in 2050, which may allow a 28% reduction in C02 emissions compared to the base year 2018. Domino effect in the economy: due to With increased end-use utilization, the hydrogen industry and related upstream and downstream supply chains can expect a cumulative increase in production value over the 2020-2050 period of between €890 and €1.5 trillion and an increase employment of between 320,000 and 540,000 jobs.

The price of hydrogen for sale in Italy is around €15 per kg, which makes the hydrogen vehicle a viable alternative for mobility in the country.

Average Price of Hydrogen in Italy in

Average Price of Hydrogen in Italy in is



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Price list by Service Station in Italy

BolzanoTrentino - Alto Adigio-,--
Milano / MilanLombardia / Lombardy-,--
Mantova / MantuaLombardia / Lombardy-,--
CollesalvettiToscana / Tuscany-,--
Roma / RomeLazio-,--
Capo d'OrlandoSicily / Sicilia-,--
San GiulianoVenezia-,--
Naples / NapoliCampania-,--
Turin / TorinoPiedmont / Piemonte-,--
PalermoSicily / Sicilia-,--
Genoa / GenovaLiguria-,--
FlorenceToscana / Tuscany-,--
CataniaSicily / Sicilia-,--
Venice / VeneziaVeneto-,--
MessinaSicily / Sicilia-,--
Padua / PadovaVeneto-,--
PratoToscana / Tuscany-,--
TriesteFriuli-Venezia Giulia-,--
BresciaLombardia / Lombardy-,--

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