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According to the report of the Polish Association for Alternative Fuels, in 2021 there were 78 hydrogen-powered vehicles in Poland and there is no public hydrogen refueling station in the country. It is estimated that as a result of the development of hydrogen stations, by 2030 there may be 70,000 or even 140,000 new hydrogen-powered cars on Polish roads.

According to the "Polish Hydrogen Strategy to 2030 with a Outlook to 2040" adopted by the government in November 2021, 32 hydrogen stations will be built in Poland by 2025, and further development of investments will take place by 2030. .

On February 21, 2023, the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management signed with PAK-PCE, which is part of the ZE PAK Group and the POLSAT PLUS Group, an agreement under which the beneficiary will receive a grant of PLN 20 million. By the end of June 2024, hydrogen filling stations will be built in another five cities in Poland: Wrocław, Rybnik, Gdańsk, Gdynia and Lublin. Such investments help make it easier to refuel clean vehicles and improve air quality.

It is assumed that with the development of the hydrogen market in Poland, the use of hydrogen stations will increase and by 2032 it will reach the level of about 85%, at this point the price of hydrogen in Poland will be €10/kg.

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Dąbrowa Górniczaśląskie-,--
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October 27, 2021.

Zespół Elektrowni Pątnów Adamów Konin (ZE PAK) received on July 21, 2021 the report on the environmental conditions of a project involving the construction of a hydrogen production plant with associated infrastructure at the Konin power plant.

The Konin Power Station's hydrogen generation plant will be based on polymer electrolytic membrane electrolysers (PEM technology). ZE PAK has already ordered the first electrolyser, which is scheduled for delivery in 2021/2022. The electricity used to run the electrolysers will come 100% from a renewable energy source.

The hydrogen produced by the electrolysers will be compressed by a compressor system to a pressure of 300-450 bar and continuously pumped into hydrogen transport vehicles. Some specially selected compressors will be able to directly feed the hydrogen refueling stations.

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