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The Minister of Economy of the Slovak Republic presented to the government the National Hydrogen Strategy, which aims to help Slovakia achieve the goal of carbon neutrality.

After the discussion of the national strategy in the Government of the Slovak Republic, it is necessary to implement the Action Plan, which will consist of a time, material and financial plan. Based on this, the competent state administration bodies will receive specific tasks. Slovakia plans to use hydrogen in various fields, but in addition to industrial use, its use in transport is mentioned in particular. In addition to the passenger train, it could mainly be the substitution of diesel train units for electric ones using hydrogen fuel cells.

According to the National Hydrogen Strategy, hydrogen refueling stations for vehicles will be built in Slovakia and the ministry wants to build the first two hydrogen dispensers of this type in Bratislava and Košice, with an initial investment of 4 million euros in each of them.

The production of green hydrogen is being prepared by the construction of factories in Modro Kameni, Pezinok, Malacky and Trenčín. The daily production of green hydrogen in these factories is estimated at 4000 kg. The production will use electricity from solar power plants, which will be built on an area of 230 hectares.

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ADDRESSMesto / CityKraj / Region
Vlčie hrdlo 324/90BratislavaBratislavský
5, Nitrianska 5505TrnavaTrnavský
-,--Banská BystricaBanskobystrický
-,--Považská BystricaTrenčiansky
-,--Nové ZámkyNitriansky
-,--Spišská Nová VesKošický
-,--Liptovský Mikulᚎilinský

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March 3, 2022. Mobile hydrogen station in Slovakia

The Slovak Ministry of Economy and the Slovak Innovative Energy Agency (SIEA), in collaboration with Air Products, have launched a roadshow to show the advantages of hydrogen mobility in regional cities across Slovakia.

At the opening of the Live Energy roadshow organized by the Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency (SIEA), Air Products employees demonstrated pumping hydrogen into a hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV). They showed the guests and journalists present that refueling hydrogen in the tank is totally safe and very comfortable for the user. The traveling hydrogen filling station exhibit will introduce professionals and the general public to the possibilities of using renewable sources, including fully emission-free hydrogen vehicles.

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