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Hydrogen Stations in Croatia in

Hydrogen Stations in Croatia in

In 2020, the Croatian government signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the company H2O Power to build a network of 14 hydrogen refueling stations throughout the country by 2025. These stations would be located in major cities and along from the main highways.

And with this objective the Croatian Parliament welcomed the proposal of a national strategy on hydrogen until 2050, underlining the importance of economic development based on hydrogen, the production of own energy and the increase in the production of electricity from renewable sources. .

Asked if Croatia is ready for the first phase of the strategy, from 2020 to 2024, whose objective is to guarantee the production of one million tons of renewable hydrogen, the Secretary of State recalled that, within the framework of the National Recovery Plan, Croatia has committed to install 10 refueling stations in the next three years and to finance a certain number of electrolysers.

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Map of Hydrogen Service Stations in Croatia

List of hydrogen refueling stations in Croatia

Zagreb  Zagreb
Split  Split-Dalmatia
Rijeka  Primorje-Gorski Kotar
Osijek  Osijek-Baranja
Zadar  Zadar County
Velika Gorica Zagreb County
Pula Istria County
Slavonski Brod  Brod-Posavina
Karlovac  Karlovac County
Varaždin  Varaždin County
Šibenik  Šibenik-Knin
Dubrovnik  Dubrovnik-Neretva
Sisak  Sisak-Moslavina
Kaštela Split-Dalmatia
Samobor Zagreb County
Bjelovar  Bjelovar-Bilogora
Vinkovci Vukovar-Srijem
Koprivnica  Koprivnica-Križevci
Čakovec  Međimurje
Solin Split-Dalmatia
Zaprešić Zagreb County
Đakovo Osijek-Baranja
Sinj Split-Dalmatia
Vukovar  Vukovar-Srijem
Požega  Požega-Slavonia
Petrinja Sisak-Moslavina
Kutina Sisak-Moslavina
Virovitica  Virovitica-Podravina County
Križevci Koprivnica-Križevci
Sveta Nedelja Zagreb County
Dugo Selo Zagreb County
Poreč Istria County
Metković Dubrovnik-Neretva

News about hydrogen refueling stations in Croatia

March 4, 2021. INA and the city of Zagreb, through the Joint Cooperation Agreement, formalized a collaboration relationship that has been in place since 2018 in the project to introduce hydrogen as an ecological fuel for clean uses and energetically efficient. vehicles in the transport sector in the city of Zagreb and promoting the development of the hydrogen market in the Republic of Croatia.

With the support of INA, the city of Zagreb successfully solicited the project "Vodik" last year in the open call of the Joint Empresa de Hidrogen de Pilas de Combustible (FCH JU), an association that has the support of the Commission Europea para la introducción de tecnologia de hydrogeno en las economías europeas

The project will define the necessary investments for the introduction of hydrogen in urban public transport, and it is expected to be launched in the next period, after which the city of Zagreb should join the few European cities such as Aberdeen, Colonia and Wiesbaden that already have introdujo el hydrogen como combustible en el transporte público.

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