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Hydrogen Stations in Finland in

Hydrogen Stations in Finland in

Finland's national target for road traffic in 2050 is near zero emissions. The program proposes that by 2030 all new cars sold in Finland will be compatible with some type of alternative fuel, such as hydrogen, and by 2030 there should be around 20 hydrogen refueling points.

Different types of EU and/or national grants can be used during the construction phase. Municipalities are not expected to build alternative fuel infrastructure or finance its construction. Instead, they are asked to be involved in infrastructure planning where necessary and to ensure that it is connected to the rest of the transport network locally.

Finland has been proactive in the evolution of hydrogen technology. Both research organizations and companies have been involved in the development of fuel cell applications and hydrogen utilization. The national research program (2007-2013) enabled various research and development projects between public and private stakeholders, from the component level to the application level, demonstrations and valuable networking between public and private stakeholders.

The National Hydrogen Roadmap was published in 2013. It is mainly based on research conducted by researchers and the experts working at VTT Oy. The development of hydrogen and fuel cells has continued as development work in universities, research centers and companies, where the coordination of EU projects funded by the fuel cell and hydrogen joint venture has been active.

In Finland there are currently


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Map of Hydrogen Service Stations in Finland

List of hydrogen refueling stations in Finland

Turku and PoriTurun ja PorinTurku
Nyland and TavastehusUudenmaan ja HämeenHelsinki / Hämeenlinna
OstrobothniaPohjanmaanOulu / Vaasa
Viborg and NyslottViipurin ja SavonlinnanVyborg
Kymmenegård and NyslottSavonlinnan ja KymenkartanonLappeenranta
Savolax and KymmenegårdKymenkartanon ja SavonLoviisa
Savolax and KareliaSavon ja KarjalanKuopio
Central FinlandKeski-SuomenJyväskylä
North KareliaPohjois-KarjalanJoensuu
Southern FinlandEtelä-SuomenHämeenlinna
Western FinlandLänsi-SuomenTurku
Eastern FinlandItä-SuomenMikkeli

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