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The price of hydrogen in the United States can vary based on several factors, including region, supply and demand, and the intended use of the hydrogen. Typically, hydrogen prices in the United States are expressed in dollars per kilogram ($/kg) of hydrogen. However, prices can vary significantly depending on location and whether the hydrogen is intended for transportation or industrial use. It should be noted that hydrogen production can be expensive, which can influence the price. Additionally, the infrastructure to produce, store and transport hydrogen is still under development, which may also influence the price.

The state of California has implemented several programs and policies to support the growth of the hydrogen fuel cell industry, such as offering discounts for fuel cell electric vehicles and funding the development of hydrogen fueling stations. hydrogen. These initiatives can help reduce the cost of hydrogen in California over time.

Overall, the price of hydrogen in California is relatively high compared to gasoline and other traditional fuels. However, the use of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles can offer other advantages, such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing energy security.

In December 2023, the average price of hydrogen in the United States was $34/Kg, closing the year with a clear upward trend, having increased by more than 30% during 2023.

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Price of Hydrogen at each H2 Refueling Point in USA in

Aliso Viejo California36
Baldwin Park California36
Campbell California36
Coalinga California36
Costa Mesa California36
Cupertino California36
San Diego California36
Diamond Bar California29,99
Fountain Valley California36
Fremont California36
Los Angeles California36
Long Beach California36
Pasadena California36
Sacramento California29,95
San Francisco California29,95
San Jose California29,95
Santa Monica California29,95
Lake Forest California36
Mission Hills California36
Oakland California36
Placentia California36
Sherman Oaks California36

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  • July 17, 2023

Hydrogen fuel costs about $25 per kilogram, which is still too expensive for heavy vehicle fleets to easily transition to hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles. Cost displaces advantages over other alternative technologies.

Hydrogen has been presented as the most sensible fuel option for heavy-duty, zero-emission vehicles such as freight trucks and even locomotives and ships. The development of hydrogen-powered transportation is especially relevant as states like California adopt mandates requiring the conversion of trucks and fleets to zero-emission vehicles.

  • January 27, 2023.

Biden-Harris Administration announces $47 million to develop clean and affordable hydrogen technologies

The Biden-Harris Administration, through the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), today announced funding of up to $47 million to accelerate research, development, and demonstration (RD&D) of clean, affordable hydrogen technologies. Projects funded under this opportunity will reduce costs, improve hydrogen infrastructure, and improve the performance of hydrogen fuel cells—advancing the Department's goal of reducing the cost of clean hydrogen to $1 per kilogram within a decade. Achieving these cost reductions will accelerate the use of clean hydrogen across multiple sectors, strengthening our energy security, while supporting President Biden's ambitious goals of a 100% clean power grid by 2035 and a net emissions economy. zero in 2050. This funding opportunity, which is administered by DOE's Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies Office (HFTO), focuses on RD&D of key hydrogen supply and storage technologies, as well as affordable and durable fuel cell technologies. Fuel cell R&D projects will particularly focus on heavy-duty truck applications, with the aim of reducing carbon dioxide emissions and eliminating tailpipe emissions that are harmful to local air quality. These efforts will be coordinated with hydrogen-related activities funded by President Biden's Bipartisan Infrastructure Act, including Regional Clean Hydrogen Centers and an upcoming R&D funding opportunity to advance electrolysis technologies and improve manufacturing and recycling of critical components and materials.


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