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Hydrogen Stations in czech-republic in

Hydrogen Stations in czech-republic in

The Czech Ministry of Transport is supporting the construction of hydrogen filling stations within the framework of the existing alternative fuels infrastructure support programme. For this purpose, 150 million koruny from European funds have been allocated within the framework of the Operational Programme for Transport (OPD).

The first public hydrogen filling stations that will allow hydrogen cars to be refuelled with hydrogen will be built next year in Prague, Brno, Ostrava and Litvínov.

According to the ministry's plans, a total of 15 hydrogen stations will be operating in the Czech Republic by 2025. After another five years, their number should reach 80.

The National Clean Mobility Action Plan, approved by the government in November 2015, talks about supporting the development of infrastructure for refuelling stations, CNG, LNG and hydrogen refuelling stations. In total, the Ministry of Transport has allocated SEK 1.2 billion to the alternative fuels infrastructure support programme within OPD.

In the Czech Republic there are 2 hydrogen filling stations open to the public.

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ORLENsilnice č. 27, ZálužíLitvínov436 01
ORLEN6, K Barrandovu 1133Praha 5-Hlubočepy152 00

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