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The proposed national hydrogen development program foresees the national production of 3,500 GWh (gigawatt hours) of hydrogen in 2030 from electrolysis, with a total capacity of 750 MW (megawatts), which will be supplied by hydrogen projects. power generation from FER Fuentes de Energía Renovable, with a capacity of 3 GW (80% photovoltaic and 20% wind) of hydrogen development by 2030. The green hydrogen produced will mainly replace natural gas and partly oil in the energy sectors. refinery, industry and transportation.

The Greek economy has the potential to use a significant part of the industrial production, construction and support (maintenance and services) of facilities along the hydrogen supply chain. The Hydrogen Commission proposes, in order to facilitate investments for the benefit of national added value and employment, the support of the financial sector to cover the capital requirements of new investments in the corresponding industrial production, construction and service sectors to the development of hydrogen. Since the relevant investments will be innovative and surrounded by uncertainty, support through guarantees and state subsidies is proposed.

Hydrogen is expected to play a prominent role in powering heavy vehicles such as buses, trucks, and urban and intercity trains, in some cases, and generally in sectors of the grid that do not have the possibility of electrification. This sector covers 1/3 of the energy consumption of the transport sector in Greece. Important for the penetration of hydrogen vehicles is the parallel development of vehicle refueling infrastructure.

The refueling stations, estimated at around 100 in the first phase, will be capable of supplying 0.1-1 tons of hydrogen per day to power private vehicles or fleets of vehicles, trucks or buses. Greek companies could participate in the installation and operation of "hydrogen plants", as well as in the construction of parts of the equipment.

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Νεαπόλεως 27 &, Patriarchou Grigoriou E, Ag.ParaskeviΠαρασκευή
-,--Néa LiósiaΝέα Λιόσια
-,--Néa SmírniΝέα Σμύρνη
-,--Néa IoníaΝέα Ιωνία
-,--Palaió FáliroΠαλαιό Φάληρο
-,--Ayía ParaskevíΑγία Παρασκευή

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