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Renewable hydrogen produced using 100% renewable electricity for water electrolysis is a near-zero greenhouse gas emission power source that Germany could use in its decarbonization efforts. Renewable hydrogen can be used throughout the economy, including transportation. When used in transport the hydrogen would have to be supplied to a hydrogen refueling station. Hydrogen can be produced at a central facility and transported to the HRS or produced directly on-site at the HRS.

The German Government provides cost estimates for three Hydrogen Station capacities: 400 kg, 1,000 kg and 2,500 kg of hydrogen per day. The cost includes the initial investment in three components: the hydrogen storage tank, the compressor and the dispensers. The annual fixed operating cost is calculated at 4% of the cost of capital.

The price of hydrogen at the pump is the sum of the cost of hydrogen production and the cost of the supply infrastructure. The price of hydrogen at the pump varies by area of the country as a result of variations in hydrogen production parameters, namely the price of renewable electricity, the electricity grid tariff, the price of water, and taxes.

The cost of producing hydrogen is the largest contributing factor to the levelized price of hydrogen at the pump. This is due to high capital investment in both renewable electricity generation and water electrolysis. As both technologies improve, it is estimated that the price of hydrogen at the pump will be 30% cheaper in 2030 and 50% cheaper in 2050 compared to the 2020 level.

In the year 2020, the hydrogen production price was within the range of the study, which is from 3 to 6.5 euros per kg of hydrogen. However, for the year 2050, the estimates of the average cost of renewable hydrogen in the EU in any of the scenarios are lower

Average Price of Hydrogen in Germany in

Average Price of Hydrogen in Germany in is



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Price list by Service Station in Germany

ShellPrager Ring 106Aachen13,85
Total EnergiesGlindenberger Weg 3Magdeburg13,85
Total EnergiesHolzmarktstraße 36 - 42Berlin13,85
Total EnergiesHeerstraße 37Berin Charlottenburg13,85
ShellOsterholzer Heerstraße 222Bremen13,85
ShellKaternberger Str. 99Essen13,85
Total EnergiesTessiner Str. 98Rostock13,85
ShellSchützenstr. 2-4Dortmund13,85
Total EnergiesWiener Strasse 39Dresden13,85
Total EnergiesAm Schlütershof 27Duisburg13,85
H2 MobilityOerschbachstraße 71Düsseldorf13,85
Total EnergiesAm Urbicher Kreuz 34Erfurt13,85
ShellNiederräder Ufer 51Frankfurt13,85
FhG ISEHeidenhofstraße 3Freiburg13,85
ShellGroßmoorbogen 1Hamburg13,85
H2 MobilityIndustrieweg 30Hannover13,85
OMVSpeyerer Str. 20Heidelberg13,85
Total EnergiesBuchäckerring 40Bad Rappenau13,85
Total EnergiesErlachseeweg 10Karlsruhe13,85
Total EnergiesNordallee 1Köln13,85
Total EnergiesPoststr. 3Leipzig13,85
OMVOttobrunner Str. 116München13,85
OMVGleiwitzer Straße 220Nürnberg13,85
H2 MobilityHelmholtzstraße 8Ulm13,85
StarSchulenburgallee 2Wolfsburg13,85

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February 6, 2023.

Green hydrogen promises to boost the relationship between Brazil and Germany

Germany is racing against time to overcome the current energy crisis and meet its climate ambitions. Faced with this situation, President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and German Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz, leaders of the largest economies in Mercosur and the European Union (EU), met this week to discuss the agenda for transforming their economies, with special attention to the protection of the Amazon, renewable energies and the EU-Mercosur trade agreement.

Faced with restrictions on access to Russian energy due to the war in Ukraine and criticism over the expansion of coal burning, Germany is about to launch the green hydrogen economy. The first auction of the H2Global policy, which promotes the importation of the fuel, identified as a strategic substitute for oil, gas and coal to obtain clean energy, is scheduled for February 7. The first tender will be for contracts for green ammonia, a by-product of H2V.

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