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Hydrogen Stations in Slovenia in

Hydrogen Stations in Slovenia in

Slovenia already contemplates hydrogen corridors and infrastructure guidelines have already been developed for them. The amount of investment is relative, but at first glance, of course, high. A hydrogen charging station costs more than a million euros, which is, for example, double that of an ultra-powerful electric charging station, and in principle we need more of these on motorways than hydrogen charging stations. The hydrogen service station, which would be close to the connections of the central motorway, could count on European investment funds.

Among the important strategic questions, there is also the dilemma of how to obtain hydrogen and from where. Local production is the most efficient, since possible transportation affects the price of hydrogen. In production, Europe strives to use so-called "green" electricity, because only then does hydrogen make sense as an environmentally friendly fuel. At least for now, there is also a middle path.

The first service station with compressed hydrogen in Slovenia is located at the Lesce gas station. Currently, the hydrogen service station project is still a demonstration project, so the main objective of its operation is to gain experience in the construction of the necessary infrastructure for the public supply of hydrogen in road traffic. The partners thus contribute to establishing a learning environment for the whole country and thus create a legislative framework for the further construction and expansion of new technologies. The installation of the service station, valued at just under half a million euros, is co-financed with funds from the European Regional Development Fund.

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Map of Hydrogen Service Stations in Slovenia

List of hydrogen refueling stations in Slovenia

Hraška cesta 13LesceGorenjska
-,--LjubljanaGorenja in Dolenjska
-,--KoperSlovensko primorje
-,--Novo mestoDolenjska
-,--Nova GoricaSlovensko primorje
-,--IzolaSlovensko primorje
-,--Škofja LokaGorenjska
-,--Murska SobotaPrekmurje
-,--Slovenska BistricaŠtajerska
-,--Slovenj GradecŠtajerska
-,--Ravne na KoroškemKoroška
-,--AjdovščinaSlovensko primorje
-,--SežanaSlovensko primorje

News about hydrogen refueling stations in Slovenia

March 3, 2022. On Monday, November 21, 2022, a hydrogen-powered bus drove through Šoštanj and Velenje.

For a demonstration purpose, it stopped at the Šoštanj power plant, where the HSE group plans to establish larger hydrogen production capacities, supported by new local solar power plants, as part of the development of hydrogen technologies. The forerunner of emission-free and environmentally friendly mobility is in Slovenia on a week-long tour and is part of the side activities of the North Adriatic Cross Border Hydrogen Valley project. In this project, the HSE Group cooperates with the HSE company in the role of lead partner and the Šoštanj Thermal Power Plant in the role of technology partner.

The hydrogen-powered bus started its tour of Slovenia in Tolmin, continued in Nova Gorica and today in Šoštanj, and on Tuesday it will end its journey in Celje at the Faculty of Logistics of the University of Maribor. During the tour, workshops of the H2STUDENT educational and tutoring program were held in Tolmin, Kanal, Deskla and Šoštanj. Hydrogen and hydrogen technologies were introduced today to a group of Šoštanj primary school students at the Šoštanj power plant, with the help of assembling models of a hydrogen-powered vehicle.

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