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In Ireland there are only a few hydrogen filling stations. However, the Irish government has pledged to increase the number of hydrogen stations in the country as part of its effort to reduce carbon emissions and transition to cleaner energy sources.

Two operational hydrogen refueling stations are planned in Ireland, both located in Dublin. One is operated by the Irish energy company BOC and the other by the car manufacturer Hyundai. In addition, there are plans to build another three hydrogen stations in Ireland, one in Cork and another two in Dublin.

The public policy of Ireland to create the bases of the production chain of H2V and its derivatives is aligned with the strategies of the European Union. Several projects for the design and development of hydrogen refueling stations for light and heavy vehicles associated with transport fleets are already underway in Ireland.

Domestically produced hydrogen increases energy security instead of relying on imports. Ireland has the potential to become an energy exporter with a hydrogen price in Ireland that can be around €10/kg.

Average Price of Hydrogen in Ireland in

Average Price of Hydrogen in Ireland in is



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Price list by Service Station in Ireland

Cork Cork-,--
Galway Galway-,--
Waterford Waterford &  Kilkenny-,--
Drogheda Louth &  Meath-,--
Swords[a] Dublin-,--
Dundalk Louth-,--
Bray Wicklow &  Dublin-,--
Navan Meath-,--
Kilkenny[b] Kilkenny-,--
Ennis Clare-,--
Carlow Carlow &  Laois-,--
Tralee Kerry-,--
Newbridge Kildare-,--
Portlaoise Laois-,--
Balbriggan Dublin-,--
Naas Kildare-,--
Athlone Westmeath &  Roscommon-,--
Mullingar Westmeath-,--

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October 27, 2022.

John Finnegan, a senior official at the Ministry of Environment, Climate and Communications, has told Renewable Energy Magazine that the Ministry is "very listening" as he begins the process of formulating the long-awaited hydrogen strategy in Ireland.

The potential of hydrogen in Ireland's energy mix has long been discussed, from the potential for the state to become a net exporter of energy through its use, to the long-term storage uses it could provide

According to Finnegan's statements. "He says we have to do things faster and again points to a specific role for hydrogen. We're not sure what that role is yet, but it's important. Now we have to listen to policy makers, do our research and find out what needs to be done." do". The first stage was the public consultation.

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