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In the public, there are currently endless debates about how to correctly translate the term "fuel cell" into Croatian. A fuel cell is a device in which electricity is produced through the electrochemical combustion of hydrogen with oxygen, and the only by-products are heat and water, so it does not emit greenhouse gases. That is why hydrogen vehicles are called zero emission vehicles.

The first Croatian hydrogen filling station was inaugurated on May 27, 2019, in front of the building of the Laboratory of Power Plants of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Shipbuilding in Zagreb. The project is based on the ecological solution of using solar energy to produce hydrogen for cleaner transportation, which will reduce air pollution and improve the quality of life in cities.

The Croatian government has announced plans to build two hydrogen filling stations in the city of Zagreb, which are expected to come online in 2023. In addition, there are plans to build a hydrogen production and filling station in the city of Rijeka, which is expected to supply hydrogen fuel to public transport vehicles.

Average Price of Hydrogen in Croatia in

Average Price of Hydrogen in Croatia in is



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Price list by Service Station in Croatia

Zagreb Zagreb-,--
Split Split-Dalmatia-,--
Rijeka Primorje-Gorski Kotar-,--
Osijek Osijek-Baranja-,--
Zadar Zadar County-,--
Velika Gorica Zagreb County-,--
Pula Istria County-,--
Slavonski Brod Brod-Posavina-,--
Karlovac Karlovac County-,--
Varaždin Varaždin County-,--
Šibenik Šibenik-Knin-,--
Dubrovnik Dubrovnik-Neretva-,--
Sisak Sisak-Moslavina-,--
Kaštela Split-Dalmatia-,--
Samobor Zagreb County-,--
Bjelovar Bjelovar-Bilogora-,--
Vinkovci Vukovar-Srijem-,--
Koprivnica Koprivnica-Križevci-,--
Čakovec Međimurje-,--
Solin Split-Dalmatia-,--
Zaprešić Zagreb County-,--
Đakovo Osijek-Baranja-,--
Sinj Split-Dalmatia-,--
Vukovar Vukovar-Srijem-,--

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