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The price of hydrogen fuel in Canada is generally higher than that of gasoline or diesel. This is because the production and distribution of hydrogen fuel is currently less established and less efficient than traditional fossil fuels.

In general, the cost of hydrogen fuel varies across Canada based on a number of factors such as regional demand, availability of supply, and government incentives. Some provinces, such as British Columbia and Quebec, have government-subsidized hydrogen fueling infrastructure, which can help reduce the cost of hydrogen in those areas.

It should be noted that the adoption of hydrogen technology in Canada is still in its early stages and the number of hydrogen filling stations is relatively low. As technology becomes more widespread and demand for hydrogen increases, prices may become more competitive than traditional fossil fuels.

Average Price of Hydrogen in Canada in

Average Price of Hydrogen in Canada in is



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Price list by Service Station in Canada

VictoriaBritish Columbia14,7
VancouverBritish Columbia14,7
BurnabyBritish Columbia14,7
North VancouverBritish Columbia14,7
North VancouverBritish Columbia14,7
KelownaBritish Columbia14,7

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