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The Swiss government has set a goal of having at least 100 hydrogen fueling stations in the country by 2025, as part of its efforts to reduce carbon emissions and promote clean transport.

Despite all the global efforts to curb climate change, the world of transportation is dominated by the number one fossil fuel: diesel. However, hydrogen electric technology has emerged as a viable alternative. One shortcoming is the lack of a national network of service stations. The H2 Mobility Switzerland association has set itself the goal of establishing such a network in Switzerland.

In hydrogen-electric technology, the vehicle's fuel cells convert hydrogen into electricity, which in turn drives an electric motor. The most important advantages: Refueling in a few minutes, only water vapor as emissions, a comparable range and identical performance to a diesel truck.

The price of hydrogen in Switzerland is still higher than that of traditional fuels but with the investments that are taking place it is likely that it will become more competitive as new technologies are implemented

Average Price of Hydrogen in Switzerland in

Average Price of Hydrogen in Switzerland in is



Historical prices of Average Hydrogen Prices in Switzerland

Price list by Service Station in Switzerland

COOPGewerbestrasse 1HunzenschwilAargau NA
AVIAOberstrasse 141St. GallenSt. Gallen20,5
AGROLABleicheweg 6ZofingenLucerne / Luzern / Lucerna18,8
AGROLAStationsstrasse 82RothenburgZürichNA
AVIARiedgrabenstrasse 26RümlangVaud20,5
COOPChemin de Saugy 3CrissierLucerne / Luzern / LucernaNA
AVIASchäracher 2GeuenseeBernNA
COOPEymattstrasse 15BernGrisons / GraubündenNA
COOPRingstrasse 31ChurBasel LandschaftNA
COOPRheinstrasse 113DFrenkendorfBernNA
Schwab-GuillodLagerhausstrasse 7MüntschemierVaudNA
AVIARoute sous-la-Ville 2 PuidouxBasel LandschaftNA
AVIAMuttenzerstr. 139 PrattelnSt. GallenNA
AVIAIndustriestrasse 149GossauZurich NA
AVIASchlachthofstrasse 12St. GallenGenevaNA
AGROLASchürmatt 3SchötzBasel-Stadt19,75
SOCARA1 Grauholz-SüdIttigenLausanne 18,91

News about the price of Hydrogen in Switzerland

April 27, 2020.

On the roads, hydrogen cars are still a rarity. But all this could change soon. In July, the European Commission presented its strategy to achieve carbon neutrality through renewable hydrogen. Switzerland, although not a member of the European Union, is partly responsible for the program on a continental scale, since together with six EU countries it has drawn up a roadmap for the development of hydrogen.

In fact, the Alpine nation has every intention of playing a leading role in the production of green hydrogen, one of the most promising alternatives to fossil fuels. It is the first country in the world that has launched a new form of zero-emission mobility on a national scale.

A kilo of green hydrogen currently costs between 10 and 12 Swiss francs and allows a truck to travel about 11 kilometres. According to a study, this price should be cut in half in the next decade.

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